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maidstone fencing image

Enhance your Garden with Quality New Fencing

Wood fencing serves as a popular, practical and cost effective solution for your home, defining the boundary of your property. With a pleasing touch of natural aesthetic while fulfilling the essential roles of ensuring privacy and security.

Closeboard Arris Rail

Closeboard Arris Rail Fence

This traditional fence construction, can be constructed in multiple ways, concrete or timber posts, good for long boundary lines.

Arris rail fencing, Maidstone

Overlap Panel

This is a great value fence panel, can be constructed in multiple ways, suited to concrete or timber posts and gravel boards.

Overlap Fencing panel, Maidstone
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Featheredge Panel

This ready made panel is a smart and strong long lasting, can be constructed in multiple ways, suited to concrete or timber posts.

featheredge fencing panel, Maidstone

TGV Lattice Top

A solid modern looking panel constructed with treated toung and grove wood plained smooth. Suited to concrete or timber posts.

TGV Lattice top fencing panel, Maidstone

Harmony Slatted

A nice modern feel, secure but not completely blocking the veiw. Constructed in multiple ways, suited to concrete or timber posts.

Harmony Slatted fencing panel, Maidstone

V-Arched Top

This panel has decorative touch with its design, great to enhance any outdoor space. Suited to concrete or timber posts.

V-Arched Top Fencing panel, Maidstone

Omega Lattice Top

The lattice design is often used to provide a space for climbing plants to grow, which can add a natural touch to this decrorative panel.

Omega Lattice Top fencing Panel, Maidstone

TGV Panel

The Tongue and Grove cladded panel design is used to provide a solid clean looking fence. Great for showcasing your garden

TGV fence panel, Maidstone

Fencing Repairs

Whether you should repair or replace your fence depends on the condition of the fence and the extent of the damage. If the damage is minor and limited to a few boards or a broken post, then repairing the fence may be a cost-effective solution. However, if the fence is severely damaged, rotting, or has reached the end of its lifespan, then it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace it. Additionally, if you're looking to change the look of your fence, or if it does not meet your current needs, replacing it will be the best option. Ultimately, we can inspect the fence and provide a recommendation on whether to repair or replace it.

Why Maidstone Fencing

As Maidstone Fencing, our primary focus is on local referral projects, aiming to ensure complete customer satisfaction through a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. We prioritize the use of premium, durable fencing materials to guarantee longevity and excellence for each of our customers.

Garden Fencing Installations

  • fencing contractor bearsted maidstone
    Golden Brown Overlap panel with concrete Posts and Gravel Boards
  • Golden Brown Featheredge Panel with Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards
  • Fencing timber posts
    Golden Brown Overlap panel with Timber Posts
  • Fencing contractor maidstone
    Overlap Panel Fence with Concrete Posts
  • trellis fencing maidstone
    Convex Top Trellis Treated in Golden Brown (dip treatment)
  • Overlap panel fencing maidstone
    Convex Top Trellis Treated in Golden Brown (dip treatment)
  • featheredge fencing maidstone
    Featheredge fencing with concrete slotted posts
  • concrete corner post maidstone
    Concrete corner Posts, Overlap panel, Treated in Golden Brown (dip treatment)
  • palislade fencing maidstone
    Round top palislade fencing
  • overlap panel fencing maidstone
    Golden Brown Overlap panel (dip treatment)
  • close board fencing maidstone
    Closeboard panel fencing
  • arris rail fencing Maidstone
    Arris rail fencing
  • Convex Top Trellis Treated in Golden Brown (dip treatment)

Case Study

Slotted Concrete Post & Panels

This job in Barming was all 3 sides of the garden as the customer had just moved in and needed to secure his garden for the dog. All the existing fence was a mis match of different styles and heights which in some places were beyond repair. The new fence defines the space within the garden, and adds more privacy and security.


Fencing FAQs