Questions Fequently Asked About Fence Installation

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is necessary in certain instances

  • If the height will be more than 2metres.
  • If it will be over 1 metre high and next to a road or footpath.
  • If there are planning conditions set in your neighborhood by your council called 'article 4 direction or planning condition'.
  • If your house is a listed building or if your property is joining another property that is a listed building.
  • Will I need to call a utility locator?

    Most of the time new fences are replacing old so there is no problem with utilities. However if a new fence is not a replacement, then It's not always as easy to know whether there are utilities crossing the fence line. In this case the installer will take care digging in hot spots for utilities when installing a new fence.

    If you do have concerns with possible utilities locating in the area of new fence line then you can contact your local utility companies to help you determine there locations, then please inform Maidstone Fencing of them.

    If Maidstone Fencing is not informed of any utilities and if any problem arise then it is not the responsibility of Maidstone Fencing to fix or pay for any repairs.

    Whilst digging holes for posts, if any utilities are discovered by the installers, they will inform the customer right away. If there are any changes to make to the fence location or design this can be done. The cost of any extra materials required will be added to the price of the job.

    What If there is sloped land to deal with, will the fence be stepped ?

    When installing fencing that is on a slope, depending on the gradient, we would recommend customers the best product for the job. On a steeper slope we would recommend that a pre- formed fence panel (eg. overlap panels) should not be used. We would recommend Arris Rail fence would be the best suited to most jobs as this style of fence construction can follow the contours of the land.

    Do you do supply without fitting?

    No, Maidstone Fencing will only supply materials for the installations contracted.

    Do you do fitting without supplying the materials?

    Yes that is a service Maidstone Fencing can offer, however this is for larger commercial contracts, there are terms and conditions.

    What happens to the old fence, do I need to hire a skip?

    Taking rubbish and disposing of it responsibly at approved commercial waste sites is a service we offer. We aim to separate 100% of the materials in the rubbish so that we can transfer them to dedicated recycling facilities for maximum landfill diversion.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    Maidstone Fencing offers a one year installation warranty, however we do not offer warranty on any of the material supplied but you are welcome to inspect the materials on arrival to the contract. If there are any defects or problems that you are not happy with, then they will be exchanged.

    What is your timeline?

    Maidstone Fencing aims at the latest to commence a contract within four weeks from the date received by us, according to the season. Some seasons are quieter than others so could be as little as a five day waiting period.

    Can you do the job outside typical business hours?

    No. Maidstone Fencing domestic installation hours are Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm but we will try our best to service and accommodate your needs. Our installers’ hours vary but they can only work within those hours, keeping disruption to your neighbours to a minimum.

    Do I need to be at the property while the work is carried out?

    No, providing our installers can get access to the site and can get power for tools if required.

    Do I need to tell neighbours my fence is being replace?

    We do recommend talking to your neighbour prior to starting the work. This can prevent problems arising.